Iā€™m all things, no thing, but more familiarly, Iā€™m an independent philosopher, author, futurist, and for lack of a better word, an entrepreneur named Lex.

Like many sensitive, creative, and introspective people, I've long wondered why the world was the way it was and how best to make it better. For me, questioning and investigation began at a very young age growing up in Louisville KY, continued through a career in finance and analysis, and eventually lead to my life as an independent philosopher, author, and entrepreneur.

Breaking from tradition, I believe the most important goal of philosophy isn't to know the nature of God or some ultimate truth, that knowledge is beyond us intellectually anyway, it's to know how to live the best life possible. When it comes to living an optimal life, instead of endlessly debating the meaning of words or systems of logic, I think our time and energy is best spent understanding how to improve the continuum of subjective experiences composing our lives.

Lensing the challenge of making our lives better through the eyes of an analyst, I see removing economic, social, and biological pressures as the most effective solution. After a lifetime of meditation and contemplation, I can't help but see improving the way we interpret or experience the world as the most efficient method of enhancing life.

Through video, articles, and books, I share what I believe is holding us back as a civilization, and how to gain the perspective needed to improve our individual existence in any given moment. Practically applying my philosophy to business, I try to directly address the existential pressures diminishing our experience of life.

Follow me as I challenge, distill, and articulate knowledge from the sciences, philosophy, the transcendental, as well as my own understanding and experience. Support my efforts wherever you believe them worthy.