From as early as I can remember I've searched for answers, vexing my parents and teachers. I needed to know who was to blame for the state of the world. I wanted to know why the world viewed me, a frightened and sensitive black boy, so negatively without ever knowing me. I wanted someone to reconcile my growing understanding of science with my Catholic faith. 

After failing to receive anything close to a definitive answer, after realizing that most people were replacing their ignorance with self-constructed stories, I decided to find answers for myself. I chose to believe that truth was out there and it wasn't reserved for the privileged few. My life experiences have proven me right on this point repeatedly and without fail.

These life experiences, this life journey of mine, has been lensed through the perspective granting practice of meditation since the age of 9. Now, having meditated for nearly 30 years, having found what I believe to be satisfying universal truths rooted in reason and observation, I cannot keep them to myself.

I'd like to share my imagination, to entertain and spark new ideas and possibilities in your mind. I'll give you my thoughts on humanity and reality, to share the perspective I've obtained. Most importantly, I'll share with you my process for finding meaning and hope in a world that, at times, seems devoid of both.