Space Object

Idea - Space Threat

It is the 1960's during the space race and our ambitions to get a man to the moon. The story follows a community in Florida that is ingrained in the aerospace and space industry, especially NASA. They are beginning to notice a great deal of non publicly announced rocket launches at night. The launches increase to nightly regularity alarming the small community and their relatives and colleagues in the Houston area noticing the same activity.

A few high up members of the community let slip a secret after years of pressure. We are preparing for an arrival. There is an object making its way in from the outer solar system to the inner solar system. 

We first noticed the object eight years ago and realized that it was not an asteroid or other heavenly body after a year of observations. The object is not seemingly bound by an orbit or tied to any path gravitationally. The UFO moves at will, stopping at each planet and their moons for a period of time before making its way further in toward the sun.

It is revealed that not only is the U.S. preparing for the object but every nation with a space program has been sending rockets to the dark side of the moon. The nature of the preparations is still secret but most assume that we are constructing a weapon to defend ourselves if we are under attack.

The secret is well contained up until about a year and a half before the expected arrival at our moon. Widespread panic and hysteria grip the planet upon the realization that we aren't alone.

Poker Genius

Idea - Probability Man

A once homeless young man has made a considerable amount of money playing poker. Although not fully aware of his potential he has an ability to calculate odds and probability at an inhuman rate. This gives him an immense advantage over his competition.

The young man makes a considerable amount of money playing cards but is largely banned from games like blackjack for suspicion of counting cards. He uses his legitimately earned winnings to fund a lavish and hedonistic lifestyle. It is apparent that he is attempting to compensate and cope with the scars and trauma of his childhood.

After winning the world series of poker three times in a row he draws the attention of group or agency loosely affiliate with the united states government. They detain him and explain that what he is able to do and the tests he's taken make him a genius unlike any the world has seen. He learns that his ability goes far beyond counting cards and that what he has dismissed as uncanny intuition is actual akin to a superpower. 

Using his ability to calculate probability he determines the best route for escape. He absconds to a secluded island in the Caribbean where he lays low. With no distractions or temptations he has plenty of time to  analyze and reflect on life. 

While on the island he notices that the people are very happy despite having very little. He rethinks his approach and use of his power and vows to go back to the states and help the poor and disenfranchised. 

Back in the U.S. he begins to help everyday people while being pursued by groups that continue to escalate their efforts to capture him.

The Instigators



  "Death and destruction rained down so steady, that we have become numb to our predicament. After all, no one alive has the faintest idea of what life was like in ancient history. Before the "Eternal War", back when our people had supposedly spread peace and love throughout a quarter of this galaxy, we were a great race. It's hard for anyone to believe that such a time ever existed. A two hundred and fifty thousand year old interplanetary civilization, we have been reduced to defending a single planet by the onslaught. Once, spanning hundreds of planets with over a trillion souls, we now cling to a small and insignificant rock. Nearly all of our great works have been erased, but our hope remains as indestructible as ever." says being one, addressing a large crowd of beings much shorter than it. 

A large crash, followed by an explosion, interrupts his monologue as everyone turns to view the fireball behind them. Miles away, the heat from the blast still stings the flesh. A much greater distance away, two more fireballs can be seen and heard.

     "Our defenses are failing. Landfall is imminent." says another being, smaller than being one, yet taller than the entire crowd of thousands. "Would you like to seek shelter now?"

     "No. There is no shelter for us. I don't believe that they will stop until we are all gone. Why prolong our fate any longer?" says being one. The second being  shrinks in size and moves away, into the crowd, following the exact same path it took to reach the being on. "Look up my friends. Look upon our end."

     "Ya' Un, sir, is there truly no hope?" asks a very small being moving slightly forward from the crowd of thousands. "The haven, we are safe here?"

     "No, little one, no. There is no safety anywhere. We are the last, but we too shall meet the same fate as our friends and ancestors. Moma Sky Shield will protect us for now, but it too will fail eventually. These creatures seem to be endless. Relentless. There's nothing more that we can do."

The explosions are growing in frequency and intensity. A heavy peppering of violence is beginning to encircle the group of thousands and being one/Ya' Un. Now outlined by destruction, they turn their gaze upward. The sky directly above is protected by a translucent shield that illuminates with each impact from space. Countless ships of various sizes rain down from space. They descend from a cloud that appears to stretch infinitely into space. A massive swarm, the tip sharpens and forms a spearhead the size of a planet. Each ship makes no effort to fire a projectile or evade destruction. They slam into the surface, splintering and exploding like kinetic bombs.

Repeated Kamikaze assaults encircle the group in a firewall. The borders of the Ya' Un's and the being's haven forms as near a perfect circle as a sphere can support. The sight of orange and white flames lapping at an invisible barrier is something to behold.

Was a sight to behold would be a more fitting description only moments later. The invisible circular barrier fails, allowing flames to begin their march toward the consumption of the Ya' Un's and the being's life. The thousands crowd together like Antarctic penguins. 

     "Do not fear little ones, we will join the rest of our people soon enough." says Ya' Un, just as the sky darkens above. 

An impact like a cosmic hammer strikes the Moma Sky Shield, cracking it like a car's windscreen. Another smaller impact penetrates the shield sending a projectile to the planet's surface violently. No explosion this time.

     "Ya' Un, sir, that is one of their vessels. It is! That's one of the swarm. It has exited it's pod." says a tiny one, moving all of the way from the center of the pack to directly in front of Ya' Un. "Shall we attack? We can kill it. It's only one."

     "What would be the point tiny one? Why destroy another life when ours are at an end? Kill to buy one more minute? We will not. We will meet our adversary, and embrace it." says Ya' Un. Spreading and Shrinking to embrace the tiny one, Ya' Un comforts the crowd before returning to a former shape and size. Ya' Un dashes out to meet their assailant.

As Ya' Un swiftly crosses the two mile gulf between the group and the assailant, the crowd huddles together even tighter and inches forward in the direction of the encounter. With the distance half closed, hundreds of other swarm ships breach the Moma Sky Shield and join the side of the assailant. The swarm, ships, and assailants begin to merge into one large mass. Ya' Un slows the interception dash greatly, but persists forward. The crowd, watching intently, moves in unison to Ya' Un's defense. 

Merging together as the swarm/assailants did just moments before, the crowd catches up to Ya' Un and absorb his form. Just as Ya' Un is enveloped, the crowd pauses in response to the swarm/assailants slow forward progression.

     "Speak your differentiation sound." says the swarm/assailants in an all encompassing surround sound. 

     "We, we are Ya' Un," says the crowd. "Speak yours now."

     "We are Here." it says. "Ya' Un is the last of this kind."

     "Ya' Un is the last. Why have you come? Why have you destroyed this that we have built?" asks Ya' Un. 

     "You are harmony. We are opposition. Our purpose is to create friction, turmoil." says Here.

     "Why? Peace is good. Harmony is good. We were on a mission to end suffering. You have nearly ended all of our progress. So much death." says Ya' Un.

     "Ya' Un. You made great progress. Too much is bad. Your species would eventually consume this galaxy. Then the universe. We preserve diversity. We destroy virulent life when necessary." says Here.

     "Wait, you came here to stop us from spreading peace? That is crazy." says Ya' Un.

     "To you, yes, it is. Ya' Un, is still a young race. We, Here, are hundreds of millions of years old. We inject turbulence, keeping local systems from nearing equilibrium. We must destroy life to allow life. You will understand one day." says Here.

     "One day? We are nearly gone? We cannot stop you." says Ya' Un.

     "Ya' Un will be allowed to continue. We have finished." says Here.

     "Finished? Here could have spoken to Ya' Un. Here could have tried to reason with Ya' Un before assaulting our worlds. Here has never said until now why Here is here. One point seven trillion Ya' Un's gone. Not one word, threat or warning from Here. Why?" begs Ya' Un.

     "Here is very old. Here has done this work countless times. Here know that no one ever listens. If Here goes straight to work, no warning, we can keep the suffering we create at a minimum." says Here.

     "Suffering? Ya' Un just mentioned nearly two lives and Here says that Here i concerned with suffering? Ya' Un does not understand. You are an evil race." they say.

     "We are the macrophages of the macro world. We are necessary. Life will consume all information and prevent the source from watching." says Here, stretching and morphing into a spire like structure.

     "The source? Tell Ya' Un of this source." says Ya' Un, attempting to match Here in their vertical ascension. Here pauses.

     "Ya' Un will live to learn of the source. Ya' Un would not understand if Here said. One more question will be answered by Here." says Here, resuming its vertical ascent.

     "Where does Here go now?" asks Ya' Un.

     "There is a new race that is more virulent than Ya' Un. They are on a planet far from here. Humans, they call themselves. It will take a long time for Here to get there. We have finished Ya' Un on schedule." says Here.

     "Ya' Un has lost so much, but we understand now. We will never see Here again?" says Ya' Un.

     "Ya' Un will not. Another, differentiated by a new sound, maybe." says Here. Here reaches into space and is absorbed by the swarm as it bends and flexes. Making a right turn, the spearhead begins to accelerate toward a bright spiral galaxy.