Lex Benjamin (AKA Benjamin Spalding), is an Applied Philosopher and Analyst with a world class talent for seeing the big picture.

What I’ve Done

Driven by a quiet suffering and a healthy skepticism it took me more than two decades of observation, life experience, and analysis, but I discovered what we are all seeking and in desperate need of is meaning.

Why was meaning so vital? Is there anything that truly matters? Why didn't I and many others have real purpose in our lives? Why was the meaning that we believed we had so easily lost? How does one find meaning that is powerful, real, and lasts?

These are the questions that burdened me and drove me to find some resolution to my suffering. One that was useful not only for myself, but one I could easily share with anyone that was searching for a practically applicable resolution to their suffering.

It took me several additional years, but I believe that’s exactly what I’ve done. Parsing some the most proven and useful wisdom of humanity down into its most fundamental components has been a challenge and a pleasure. The greatest part of that pleasure has been communicating accessible and practical approaches to creating real and lasting meaning in our lives. 

Speaking Programs

Meaning - How to Find Meaning in a Meaningless Universe

Power of Perspective - How to Alleviate Fear (Especially Fear of Death), Negativity, and Suffering by Shifting Our Mental Perspective

Update Your Database - Changing Detrimental Thinking and Behavior with Experience and Understanding

The Definition of A Life - How to Find Ourselves and Our Purpose in a World with Infinite Possibilities